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20 things I learned from fish/diving (and a couple bonus lessons)

I have been trying to get my confidence up to hold a retreat (I have another post where I mention that – I’m not sure which of these I’ll publish first... but, obviously this has been on my mind recently). At any rate, in trying to convince myself that I know enough to be helpful to others, I started to ask myself, “what did the fish teach me?” I was amused by this, but it actually was fairly helpful in getting my head in the right place. Here is my initial list:

1. There is beauty in diversity.

2. Everything is infinitely easier when things are in balance.

3. It’s not always advantageous to be the leader. Nor should you always follow. It's usually safest to stay in the middle, but you won't see as much.

4. When you’re new to the environment, it's helpful to have a guide. It's important to watch what is happening before you start to assert yourself.

5. Sometimes it’s best if you let go, and let the current take you – but, it’s helpful to know what you’re doing, because otherwise you might be swept out to sea.

6. The most beautiful things can be dangerous. It can help to watch from a distance. If you approach, do so with caution, protection and intelligence.

7. Occasionally, it’s fun to go in a group. Other times it is best to go by yourself.

8. Make sure you have a good buddy. Avoid people who are so caught up in themselves that they won’t notice when you’re in distress. Also, be cautious of people who are so engaged with the environment that they don't notice you're missing.

9. Most of the time, one of the most important things to remember is just to keep breathing.

10. If you want to appreciate the small things, you really must slow down.

11. Often you’ll have the best experience if you get up early and get out there while the sun is just starting to rise.

12. Occasionally, to experience something amazing, you have to do things outside of your comfort zone.

13. Once in a while, throw caution to the wind and go. But, continue to follow the basic principles: stay calm, keep your wits about you and breathe.

14. Sometimes you can make a home out of things that others discard. Other times the things that others, discard are dangerous and can kill you. Proceed with caution and knowledge.

15. Most of the time, going out at night isn’t worth it – but, it is important to do once in a while.

16. There is energy all around you if you just pay attention to it.

17. If you are distracted, things can sneak up on you – sometimes even large dangerous things. Best to pay attention to your environment.

18. It can be really interesting to go deep; but it’s important to keep an eye on where you are, because things can lose their definition and color if you go too far down.

19. When things get too hot – it’s not good for anybody.

20. Paying attention to the small stuff is important. It is the backbone of the entire system.

Bonus one: try not to be the slowest or the smallest in the group.

Bonus two - make sure you never run out of air!

Bonus three - just keep swimming. (sorry - too obvious not to include).

Many many thanks to my friend, Stan Tracy, for these beautiful photos and for his kindness and support. I have several friends who have encouraged me to follow my passions, but Stan has definitely been an important one!

Happy bubbles!

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Oct 05, 2023
Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Interesting!!! I can sense a lot of passion in your words that you know but maybe haven't acknowledged where your future lies. My opinion.

Oct 06, 2023
Replying to

You could be right. I have some idea where I'm headed - but, it's not fully formed idea yet - at least I don't think so. Time will certainly tell!

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