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DC Wellness Retreat

Do you work in a helping profession in the DC area?  Are you burnt out by the pandemic and the chaos of the last three years?  Could you use a chance to re-energize?


1-day retreat

If you're exhausted by the last three years, you're in luck.  One-time only, I'm looking for volunteers to participate in a 1-day retreat for $50 (covers food, drinks and location).

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What to Expect

The plan: spend some time processing, building community and rekindling your energy and love for your work.  

How: We'll be spending time in a group, and time doing individual reflection.  We'll also be doing some activities.  Don't worry - the goal is for you to feel rejuvenated by the end of the day, not exhausted.

Additional info:

When?  I will be surveying people, but it will be either a Saturday or Sunday in September or October.

Size?  I'm shooting for 6-8 people

Requirements: That you work in a "helping" profession.  Aside from that, I'm looking for people willing to give me honest feedback and to help me spread the word if you think this is worthwhile. (If I get enough interest, I might do more than one at this price).  

Where?  TBD.  Somewhere in DC

Who is Leading this Retreat?


I'm Jen - I'm a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker.  Over the past twenty years, I have worked with people from various backgrounds, including those with various economic backgrounds, cultures, and races.  I have significant experience working with people with severe mental health challenges, including working in a psychiatric stabilization program, an emergency room and a substance use disorder treatment program.  Over the last ten years, I have had a private therapy practice focusing primarily on trauma.

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